Thursday, August 27, 2009

Because I have the time for random thoughts like these… now that I’m nolonger reading Twilight.

Months and months ago (maybe years by this point) I was browsing a book store. It was a Barnes & Noble. I was with my sister. It may have been winter.

I had nearly given up my search for something entertaining and walked out empty handed when this cover caught my eye:

I mean, really... "chow's on?" How can you not laugh? I couldn't resist picking it up. I'm a sucker for clever cover art. And despite my then complete lack of interest in all things vampires, I was intrigued. So, I bought it. And for the next few weeks, I worked my way through the eight books that made up the series.

(Sadly, somewhere along the way, the cover art went from cute and clever to... to... this:

... Ugh.)

Still... they were funny and romantic and cleverly written. Up until that point, my image of vampires consisted of what I'd learned from watching Interview with the Vampire, which was really very good, but vampires? Ew. Thanks, but no thanks. They just never did it for me.

But I loved the Argeneau series. I more than appreciated the way the author explained Vampires and how they came to be. It was smart and fun. And not creepy.

Now, I wonder. Had that series of books not softened my feelings towards vampires, would I have still read Twilight? And if I'd never read Twilight, would I have been at all intrigued by the HBO series True Blood?

No, I've never seen True Blood. The Husband and I only order HBO for three months during the Summer to catch Entourage, so I only saw the previews and heard the rave reviews after it had started it's second season. But it's based off a series of books by Charlaine Harris. So, I have in my possession book one. Dead Until Dark. And the cover art?

Would be kinda hot if not for the creepy tongue.

Although, let's face it. None of these are quite as bad as...

So, in conclusion, Lynsay Sands is completely responsible for my downfall.

And some cover art really sucks.

And vampires... some vampires... aren't so bad.

The end.


  1. Oh, yes. Johanna Lindsay books were omnipresent during my teen years. Lawsy, that cover art! My family still teases me about the significance of white stallions and yellow dresses.I haven't been attracted to any of the vampire books yet, not the Twilight books or the romance/comedy novels that seem to be approaching book world domination.

  2. Lindsay Sands, excellent vamp writer. Now the Sookie series must be read from start to finish in order. Got that? If you need other writer recommendations let me know, I think I've worked my way through all of them. And when you're done with those I'll introduce you to the were series writers. Again fabulous, and I bet you wouldn't even think you'd have liked them. Ah welcome to my ocd world...

  3. I haven't read any of these! I'm with you on the cover art. I have passed up books because of annoying, dumb cover art. I think, "I can't have a book looking like that in my house!" My kids would be thinking, "What is mom reading?!!!"

  4. I've tried to watch True Blood on HBO, but vampires still creep me out.If buy a mink rug and some silk sheets, will that guy on the cover of "Secret Fire" show up at my house?

  5. Violet, I have a few JL books still sitting on my shelves. I read them when I was a teenager. I'm still embarrassed by them. (But I can't let go of books. It's a problem.)Michelle, LOL thanks. I'll definitely check in with you after I finish this series. Gayle, thank goodness they don't still use that kind of cover art. At least, not that I've seen. I personally hate it when they put people on the cover, period. Even if it's tasteful. I want to use my IMAGINATION. That's why I'm READING.Hat Chick, if that works, let me know... then I'll figure out what I should do to get Edward Cullen to show up at mine. ;)Urban Cowboy, I know, I know. It's sad... but true. I'm a lost cause. Sigh.

  6. But, but, without those romance novel covers from the '70s and 80's how would we ever have know about Fabio (choke, choke). I will fess up to having read more than my fair share of Johanna Lindsay and I really liked the Argeneau series. I have Dead Until Dark on the TBR pile but haven't gotten to it yet.

  7. Have you read the Anne Rice vampire series? Very good, very different.