Thursday, March 5, 2009

The one in which I talk about something else.

Years and years ago, I went to visit my sister and her eight million kids at their home in southern Utah. On the day I left to return home, the morning was so beautiful, I couldn't help but stop along the way out to snap a few photos.

And, yes, I realize it was really only two weeks ago and not actually years, but that's kinda what it feels like. So there.

Isn't it amazing how different two photos can be even when they were taken in the same area and right around the same time?

I love photography.

And I love clouds like these. And, no, I didn't take this picture while going 80 miles per hour. I had slowed down to 70, thank you very much.

This one I took just a half an hour away from home. Remember the fires we had back in November? They completely destroyed these mountains. Just weeks after the damage, we drove past this same spot on our way to my sister's to celebrate Thanksgiving. The ground was black and it was awful to see how much had burned.

Driving past these mountains now was like staring in the face of Hope. I have never, in my whole life of living in southern California, seen these mountains so green. I felt like I had been picked up and dropped off in another state. Possibly another country. It was amazing. I wish I could have pulled over and taken a dozen more pictures.

Even before the fires, these mountains were always dry and brown and kind of sad. I wish they'd always look like this. They were gorgeous.


  1. If I were a total, sappy bitch, I'd point out that this could be a metaphor for the green that is about to erupt on the scorched mountains of your life.Unless you did notice that metaphor, except that you meant for it to be subtle and personal and I just ruined the entire thing. You're welcome!

  2. Great photos! I guess the Earth does have a way of taking care of itself. Amazing and beautiful.

  3. Those hill are green because they are supposed to burn every few years. That's what nature intended but we keep it from happening. You jack with nature and bad things happen like creating so much fire fodder that when it does go up in flames it get way out of control. So Cal, land of nothing mother nature intended to happen like buildings out in the middle of places that should be burning biannualy and fake boobs. Go figure....

  4. I love the photo of the light coming through the clouds. I have never been able to capture that on my camera. Kudos on such a beautiful photo.We live in the "fruited plain". Good to see some purple, I mean green, majesty.