Saturday, November 15, 2008


Taking a step outside my front door, you'd never think there was anything out of the ordinary happening. Another beautiful southern California sky.

That is, until you look to the right.

These fires are wreaking havoc all over my home town. In the past, I've felt detached from fires in the LA area. Although I'm just an hour or so away, it might as well have been a whole universe away for as much as I felt affected by them.

Now? They're a lot closer. We're not in any danger of being evacuated. We're not in any danger of our home going up in flames. The most the Husband and I might suffer is a little dust and smoke inhalation. The air quality right now? Not so good.

But it's scary. The fires have come as far south as Anaheim. I work in Anaheim. Several hundred homes have burned down, people all over Orange and LA county are being evacuated. I don't see how they could possibly have enough firemen to fight each one.

As the Husband and I watch and listen to the news, it's strange to think that people across the country may be watching these same reports, feeling as I do when I hear about hurricanes in Florida and tornadoes in the Midwest.

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