Monday, January 19, 2009

The thirteen hour post.

I arrived to work this morning, on time (miracle), at six a.m. At seven a.m., I started writing. At seven p.m., I scrapped the whole thing and decided to start over.

I was going to start with a lengthy description of my runny nose and tell you how I spent the entire weekend with a tissue jammed up each nostril while The Jerk Husband gave me shit for being sick and cranky, but then I thought... for a Monday? That might be a little, um, heavy.

So, how about some photos of a fourteen-year-old girl and a cookie recipe instead?

Yesterday, despite my dripping snot, I got in some shots of J for this week's I Heart Faces contest. Here's the photo I decided to submit:

And here are some runner-ups. Just for fun.

I couldn't get happy with the colors in this one (they just seemed off), which is why I eventually went the black and white route. I refused to give up on this photo because I'm waving at you in her eyes. See me?

And speaking of eyes. Hello gorgeous. (Is there a plural for "gorgeous?")

I made these cookies last week.

I made them at the same time as The Lemon Bars and I never thought I'd say this, but, of the two, it's not the cookies I can't stop thinking about.

Although, they were delicious and are definitely worth the effort. But don't make the same mistake I did. I used a bag of pre-chopped toffee pieces. Go through the extra trouble of buying the chocolate-covered toffee bars and chop them up yourself. Mine were good, but that extra step would have sent them over the edge. (Here's the complete recipe.)

I didn't get a chance to make anything this past weekend in between blowing my nose, trying to get some sleep, and watching 48-hours of nonstop Food Network. Which is totally my idea of a good time, minus the sick part.

And can someone please explain why it's okay for a man to be cranky when he's sick, but not for a woman? No, when a woman is not feeling well and wants to be left alone to sleep, that, according to The Husband, means she hates him and wants a divorce. (Well, I will if you don't let me get some effing sleep.)

No, a divorce right now certainly wouldn't do. Did I mention we were recently approved for a home load? I mean, home loan. (I thought about backspacing, but I thought "home load" seemed kind of fitting.) The Husband and I have the money, now all we need is the house. Which we'll begin looking for just as soon as I can step foot outside my front door without having to worry about a chapped nose and leaking snot.

(You're welcome for that image.)


  1. That first shot is gorgeous! Good luck. I made the lemon squares this past weekend by the way for guests. I really didn't want to share they were soooo good.

  2. I love the photos! Your sister is SO LUCKY to have you taking these photos of her. She'll be really happy to have them later on (I'm sure she's like "ohmyGOD, stop taking my PHOTO, StephanIEEEEEEEE!" right now ;-) ). I couldn't comment on the previous post, but KUDOS on the third place win! Woo hoo! Though it surprises none of your readers, you know. :-)

  3. I'm having a bridal brunch at my house this weekend, so I will be making those lemon squares. The photos are beautiful. I like the color better than the b/w. Good luck and congrats on your previous win.

  4. Yes Stephanie, leading us from yummy cookies to snot is not nice! Congratulations on the loan approval and good luck in your house hunting! More great shots of your sister! I really love the B & W.

  5. 3continentfamily, I'm glad you liked the lemon bars. I am seriously going to have to make more soon. Kisa, I will let her know you said that. She handles it like a trooper and when she starts getting antsy I just guilt her back into submission with "don't you want me to fulfill my dreams???" She's a sucker. ;)Hat Chick, I'm attending a bridal shower this weekend! I wonder if it's the same one. Since you're making the lemon bars, can I come anyway?Gayle, I'm sorry about the unfortunate transition in topics! (What can I say? I've been consummed with snot lately.) And thank you for your lovely compliments!

  6. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous pics...I couldn't find a plural for 'gorgeous' (yeah, I'm like that). But there is the phonetical spelling of 'gawr-juhs' that pleases me to a ridiculous degree this morning. Hope you're feeling better and less, um, snotty today!