Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Somewhere along the way, this turned into a totally different animal.

While everyone else is watching The Inauguration, I am standing here, alone, looking out into a vast and empty lobby. Hello, Economy? We get it.

I don't have much to say today and whatever I do say will most likely bore you to tears, but hey, I'm still leaking from the face so it's only fair that you are, too. (Or something like that.)

Speaking of things that bother me (I know, we weren't), I really can't stand it when people say "I wish I had a nice camera like that" as if the camera does all the work. Yes, a good camera can do wonders for quality, but the camera itself can't do crap about composition, exposure, etc. without someone who knows what they're doing choosing the right settings.

Just to clarify, I am not "someone who knows what they're doing."

I received my first camera, a Canon point and shoot, for Christmas when I was sixteen. God, I loved that camera. Still do, but it broke the night before our wedding. If ever there was a sign of things to come... JUST KIDDING.

That camera took great pictures and I'd love to share some of them with you, but film, scanning, blah blah boring.

It's funny, looking back, to think how did I not realize it then? Photography, as a profession, just never occurred to me. But, boy, it should have. It should have occurred to someone! I took a ton of pictures, even back then. It's a good thing photography went digital, otherwise I'd hate to see how many boxes of pictures I'd have to store.

After the Canon's unfortunate demise, The Husband and I purchased THE WORST CAMERA EVER. If you're in the market for a camera, please purchase one from a company that specializes in cameras, not computers or printers or anything like that. And if you already went that route, like I did with the horrible HP, I'm sorry. That's all I can say. And maybe it's working out for you, and that's great, truly. And if not? Well, again, I'm sorry. I feel your pain. 'Cause, dang, I hated that thing.

Buying my Nikon back in 2007 was probably the most difficult purchase I've made in a very long time. I don't think I put that much thought or effort into purchasing my last car. And I'm pretty meh about our future house (but that's probably just 'cause it doesn't feel real yet).

I spent a month researching cameras. I had my heart set on a Canon, but the Nikon felt so much better. But then it all about what kind of Nikon? Did I need the D80 or would a less-expensive D40 fulfill my needs?

And then I was all what if, what if, what if??? for a really long time. Like a month. And everyone at work was all shut up already! And so was The Husband and anyone else who had made the mistake of lending an ear.

And once I finally made the decision to go with the D80? Just thinking about what I went through trying to figure out where to buy stresses me out today. I looked online at various "companies" whose means of acquiring said cameras were much too questionable (but holy crap, were they cheap). I looked at eBay. I looked until I went blind and then, finally, in a fit of buyer's rage, went to my local Samy's and made a purchase.

And I never looked back.

The end. (But not really on "the end" part.)

Seriously, I don't know what I'd be doing with myself and all the time I'd have on my hands if not for photography. I'd probably be reading, which I used to do a lot of until the madness of photography, Photoshop, and blogging entered my life.

Did you know I started my first blog back in 2004? But it's lunch time now, so goodbye forever.

But not really of the "forever" part.


  1. This is my favorite part: "I really can't stand it when people say "I wish I had a nice camera like that" as if the camera does all the work. Yes, a good camera can do wonders for quality, but the camera itself can't do crap about composition, exposure, etc. without someone who knows what they're doing choosing the right settings." THANK YOU! GAH that drives me nuts!!And my D80? Craigslist. I know, I all crazy like that. I bought a D40 at Best Buy and 6 months later I was like eh, I need more..so I sold it and got a used D80. And it is pretty much my most favorite thing. Aside from my kids of course. Oh, and my husband. Usually.

  2. The Husband or The Camera? Yeah, that's a tough one. I'm sure I'd choose The Husband. Well, I'm 95% sure. But it's okay. He and I have an understanding about these things. Like, he would totally choose football over me.

  3. For the record, I am a crap photographer and the only thing I know about cameras is that some of them have way too many buttons. The only thing I ever think when I see great shots is, "I wish I could take pictures like that." Which I think every time I pop over here.You feel better now, don't you? Heh.

  4. Stephanie,Holy cow, we sound so alike with our camera fetish! I too went back and forth over whether to buy a D40 or the D80. Decided to go with more camera. And now they are selling so much cheaper thanks to that D90. But yes, I hate it too when people remark about wishing they had a camera like mine and yes, it is a great camera but once you learn all that other stuff you'll take those great pictures.Congrats on your picture over at I Love Faces! Neat!

  5. Violet, it always makes me feel better when "crap photographers" tell me how wonderful I am! ;-)DVM's Wife, I'm glad I'm not the only one who went a bit crazy taking the plunge. And thank you!

  6. I'm a "point and click" kind of person, too. I KNOW that it's not the camera, because I've seen the pictures that you take, and they are really good. I KNOW I can't take pictures like that.I use my camera (my high-quality cell phone camera, lol) for pictures because at least I can record moments in my life.

  7. The camera helps I think.But that's all.I think if you see and feel a picture you can take it with just about anything.Keep going.

  8. Stephanie, there are lots of people with great cameras like you have and they cannot get the kinds of photos you take. You have talent! Ignore those people. If they have some fancy oven, does it just magically produce delicious food?! Ridiculous!

  9. Okay, Gayle, where are these magical ovens and how can I get one??? No, seriously, that's a great point.

  10. nice post. you must have a great computer.

  11. cog, you make me laugh. Will you please start writing my posts for me?

  12. I have enough trouble writing my own posts.

  13. I never thought about the comment about the camera. But it's true - now I'll get my feelings hurt when people say that..... I too agonized on what camera but then with a limited budget settled on the Canon Rebel XT, when the XTi had already come out, and I do love it. Now, I just have to hone MY skills at taking pictures.

  14. Dot, try not to let it bother you! Actually, I never thought about it until someone mentioned how much it bothered them. Funny how that works.

  15. I was gifted with a D40 recently and love it. It's also confronting in that I have so much to learn about using a camera- cause it's my first 'real' one. I love your pics and I love this post :)