Monday, January 26, 2009

Lemon Cranberry Bars

Alternate title: Somebody Stop Me!

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am addicted to lemons. I love their color. I love their smell. I love their TASTE. I freaking love lemon. And I desperately need some sort of help.

I blame her for my addiction. Ever since the scones, I've been drawn to every recipe that calls for lemon. And if it includes cranberries? I'm a goner. I can't resist.

Salt. Because... just because.Maybe I like to use cranberries 'cause they're just so dang pretty.Lemon peel. God, I love this scent.Lemonade concentrate. As if you couldn't see that for yourself.Egg, butter, sugar. The usual suspects.

When I flipped to this page in my cookbook, I knew it was pointless trying to fight. I gave in and waved my white flag. And by "white flag" I, of course, mean tissue because my nose is still running like an irritating leaky faucet that makes you want to kill yourself.

Wait. Where am I?

If you're wondering if I may have overdone it with the cranberries, why, yes! Yes, I did. In fact, I doubled the amount called for. Thank you for noticing. It could be the reason the bars were kind of, well... falling apart? It's okay. I just put them in my mouth so I wouldn't lose the crumbs.

I admit it. I made a couple of minor mistakes with these. Next time I'll use a little less sugar, my lemonade won't be so cold, and I'll make sure my butter mixes in properly... but they were really good and, oh yes, there will be a next time. Here is the complete recipe.

So, I spent Sunday slaving over a hot stove for an ungrateful husband cooking and baking. Along with these bars, I made another batch of cookies (which I'll share a little later), macaroni and cheese from scratch, mashed potatoes and this chicken.

How did you spend the day?


  1. Oh, baby, these look so good! I am definitely trying this one. Today I had a fun day of food shopping and washing clothes! Woo hoo!Stephanie, on Pioneer Woman today I put your blog down as one of my favorite sites to visit, because it is!

  2. Gayle, thank you. You don't know how much that means to me. Truly.And I'm sorry about the "washing clothes" thing 'cause I could think of about eight billion other things that would be more fun. ;)

  3. I'd really like to try these. They sound and look delicious! Alas, my husband has placed a temporary ban on baking. Probably something to do with the way I was whimpering after having to toss out several hours worth of work.

  4. Seriously, knock it off with the lemon. Lemons are for iced tea and fish, NOT dessert. Chocolate is for dessert. I don't see the name of this blog being "Lemons and Whine" because...ew.I also spent Sunday cooking. 'Twas a good cooking day. I did two loaves of bread, a chocolate (SEE?) cake, pizza dough for later in the week, and veggie chili.

  5. TheresaG, my husband is going to put a ban on me baking soon if I don't start using peanut butter. Alias Mother, what else can I say but YOU'RE RIGHT. However, I've got some goodies to share that will restore your faith in me, I promise.