Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anyone else craving cotton candy?

Once in a while the sun, the clouds, and even the horrible smog decide to work together to make me happy.

I love stepping outside my front door to a sunset like this, with vibrant pinks streaking across the sky. I only wish all the other crap, the random buildings and car dealerships, would get the hell out of my way.

About a week ago, on my drive home, I watched the most amazing colors light up the sky. It was like no other sunset I had ever seen before. I, being the world's most unprepared wannabe-photographer, didn't have my camera. I was devastated.

I'd totally try to recreate the image on canvas, but with my complete lack of any artistic ability, it'd end up looking like I'd just taken a spin on the Gravitron after eating more than my fair share of cotton candy.

The Gravitron is the only carnival ride to ever make me ill.

You're not craving cotton candy anymore, are you?

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