Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Five. Two weeks worth.

So, here we are. August. Just one short month until my birthday. The big two-nine. And before you pssht me, that is too a big birthday. And I'm determined to go out and celebrate it WITHOUT MY HUSBAND. Who, yes, is still my husband. But only legally.

Let's recap the last two weeks, shall we?

1. It didn't take me long after my last post to embrace the solitude of an empty apartment. I pretty much spent the last week of my dog-sitting duties reading, eating, and sleeping in the nude. (I kid! People, please. That'd just be weird.) Despite initial loneliness, living alone is something I could totally get behind.

2. However, then I succumbed to the iPad and, well, that purchase isn't exactly promoting the saving of monies required for one to move out on their own. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.

3. So, now I'm playing a lot of Scrabble. I have, like, 15 games going at any given time. It's even taken place of Cafe World! I play on Facebook in case you, you know, wanna challenge me. (Go ahead, I dare you.) (But please go easy on me.)

4. I'm still reading. (Gasp! I bet you didn't see that one coming.) More than ever. It's gotten bad, peeps. Like, I can't sleep without having a book to read. A couple nights ago, I started a new book as I got in bed. Four hours later, I finished it. And despite the fact that if I had just closed my eyes and curled up into my normal fetal position I'd have knocked out, I found it physically impossible to do so. Noooo. I had to stay up and look for, download, and start a brand new book. (Of course I was half asleep by this point and remembered nothing of what I'd read the next day.)

And, what's worse! I've started thinking I don't ever want to get married again if it means I can't spend as much time reading! Can you say THERAPY?

5. Most recently, I've been going to the gym. But I don't want to tell you about it in case I jinx myself. (Please do not confuse going to the gym for losing weight. One has been much easier than the other.)

The end.


  1. Yeah, but, did you finish The Gargoyle?

  2. Time heals all wounds, need to keep busy doing things you enjoy!!!

  3. Finally! Jeez I was starting to worry about you (it's not like I see you all the time). Anyway, I think reading is like therapy and I think once you meet someone who is worth it, you won't mind spending a little time away from the books.