Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Insert clever post title here.

I am totally jealous of bloggers who find something to write about everyday. Especially those who can write about NOTHING AT ALL and still manage to turn it into not just a coherent post, but an entertaining one. The sad truth is I only feel stimulated to write if something's going on in my life.

Sometimes NOTHING'S HAPPENING and I suppose I should feel grateful 'cause, despite what The Husband thinks, I don't care for the drama, but it sure makes for some ZZZzzzzzz.... Other times, there'll be so much going on that my fingers are positively screaming with the need to write it all down and those are the times I find I'm sworn to secrecy.

I should have kept this blog a secret. Then I'd never have to worry about other people's feelings.

And don't think the thought to write whatever I want and apologize later hasn't crossed my mind. It has. But I have to live with my husband. The one who's causing all the drama that I CAN'T WRITE ABOUT. So, as this blog goes down hill for lack of content, blame him.

If something doesn't give soon, you're going to find yourself reading about my lingering cough and my obsession with Peeps.

If you've ever had a burning question that you were dying for me to answer, now's the time to ask.

Or you could just make something up. Nobody will ever have to know the truth.

Or you could just tell me I suck and never come back. But if you could do it in such a way that gets those creative juices flowing, I'd really appreciate it.

The end.


  1. The question that has been going around my blog for the past two days is: If you won the lottery, what random, off-the-wall purchase would you make? (Meaning, not a house or trip or cars!)

  2. I have written many a post that has pissed the hubby off. The most recent one didn't even have anything that I thought would piss him off. It was the only one I ended up just straight up taking down. Of course I did put up a comment where it was so that anyone who had read it in the 3 hours it was up could know that they weren't going insane. And really what's he going to do, smack ya around? No one is going to be totally happy with everything on the net, this is life. That's why we have the comments section. And comment moderation.Oh, and btw, since I'm a chemist I thought I'd give you my fav Peeps site:

  3. my boyfriend's only gotten mad at me once over something i posted and i basically told him to shove it cus he read the entry wrong. i know he hawks my twitter page so i do find that i censor myself question to you is twilight related. i'm re-reading twilight and i'm wondering what made Bella think the ivory turtleneck Edward wore, when he saved her from the goons in Port Angeles, was hot? i'm also questioning why he finds this banal girl so fascinating? how's that twi-losophy.

  4. Ah, the days of stagnation - I know them! One idea is to join some of these day-of-the-week forced posting ideas that I've seen. Thursday-my-time etc...I hope i'm making sense :-)

  5. I got nothing cause I'm there with you on the jealousy thing. But you do take awesome can always do a photo a day or something like that? And in between photos, drop hints or clues about the drama and we guess what it is?? :)

  6. yum peeps! ok questions... Hows the "new" position going at work? tell us more about riding around on your awesome bike and finding yummy sweets! Any new fun adventures or random fun with u and J? Anything else random u do? Like me, on sunday I made pancakes the turned on 80s/90s music and did dance moves like the running man. How about any new books youre reading/re-reading? ok so I hope that gives you a little inspiration! And also you could just bake some yummy fall/ winter stuff?!Hope it helps-L

  7. Let's see...I would like to know: What are you reading right now? What have you been baking lately? How is your job going? What have you been taking pictures of lately? (And show us some of those lovely bokeh-filled photos you take!)I'm off to the library today to pick up Breaking Dawn!

  8. Go out and do something new, that should get the creative juices going.

  9. Talk to me about California. Have you always lived in California? Will you always live in California? How do you feel about California? I think I'm curious because, to be honest, you don't seem like you should live in California.What gives, yo?