Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother Nature and the Internet totally hate me.

I got an e-mail this morning from the nice people at the hotel where the other half and I are staying in Yosemite this weekend. They were kind enough to offer us services they thought we might need such as car rentals and the weather forecast... which, incidentally, looks like this:

Of course it'd be raining the entire weekend we're there. I called The Husband and we discussed our options. We could cancel, but who knows when another four-day weekend would just fall into our laps and oh, wait a second. I think I remember hearing something about a little rain never hurting anyone.

Me: Since it's not raining on Friday, we'll have to leave super early so that there's still plenty of time to take pictures once we get there.

Him: How early is "super early?"

Me: Like, five. I don't want to hit traffic in LA.

Him: We're going to hit traffic no matter what.

Me: Nuh uh! Not if we leave RIGHT AT FIVE.

Him: Is that a bet?

Me: It sure is, bucko!

So, whichever one of us is wrong has to jump in the lake once we get there. The same lake that's filled with the water from MELTING SNOW. Which means it's marginally warmer than actual snow.

Later, I was preparing a document and had to check the weather. (I prepare weird documents at work.) I went to AccuWeather and typed in "Yosemite" just for kicks. And lo and behold...

"Plenty of sun." Got that? AccuWeather seems to think we're in the clear. Literally. PLENTY OF SUN. All weekend.

Well, at this point, I was on a mission. I went back to the original e-mail to see who their supposed weather source was. Intellicast. So, I went to their website and typed in Yosemite. And I'm thinking the folks at Intellicast are on IntelliCRACK.

Now it's partly cloudy. What the hell, people? Which is it? Do I pack sweaters? Or tees? Jeans? Or shorts? I don't want to pack my entire closet, thank you very much.

For shits and giggles, I went to Weather.com. At this point, I'm thinking they're all a bunch of fucktards, but might as well see what they have to say.

I guess I'm packing everything I own and hoping for the best.


  1. Vacations, expect the worst and when something good happens you can be delightedly surprised. I go with weather.com every day and it has been accurate by me. Don't bother looking at the tv newscasters either, they are morons. Just go out and enjoy the weekend together and don't worry about the weather.PS: That lake is going to be very cold. LA always has traffic, your bet is marginal at best.

  2. I think your husband is going to win the bet. I went to court somewhere far away the other day and I left at 5:30 a.m. and there was traffic before I got to L.A. Go to a local thrift store and buy a wet suit.

  3. Wow. A girl just can't get no love around here, can she? Now it's not just about proving him wrong, but the internet, too. Which means you both have to jump in the lake if I'm right. Ha.

  4. Maybe everyone else who was planning on going this weekend will see the emailed weather and decide not to go, and you'll have fewer people to deal with (I hear Yosemite can be pretty crowded in nice weather). I once had an amazing trip to Six Flags in Atlanta because it was sprinkling on and off throughout the day. We rode every ride we wanted to, and some twice!

  5. If the forecast was still for rain, I would swear that we were going to be there. We have that terrible effect on vacation spots we visit. But, luckily for you, we will not be there. My forecast is for sun and 70 every day! But, just in case, bring your winter coats. Have fun!